• Denis Mackenzie Trial

    Denis Mackenzie Trial

    The Australian Bushman Trial of Denis Mackenzie

    The Australian Bushman trials are a series of studies that have been conducted over several decades in Australia by anthropologist Denis Mackenzie. These trials were not randomised and participants were recruited actively and opportunistically. The trials have also not been published in the medical literature. This article examines the issues surrounding these studies. It also discusses the lessons learned from them.

    Participants in the Denis Mackenzie trials were not randomised

    The Australian Bushman trials of Denis Mackenzie recruited Indigenous women aged 18-64 to be enrolled in the study. There were certain exclusion criteria, including being pregnant, having a chronic medical condition, or needing medical clearance. Participants were recruited from hospital antenatal clinics, Aboriginal Community-Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs), community centres, and by word-of-mouth. In the initial stages of the trial, clinic staff informed researchers of women who wanted to participate in the trial. Then, six research officers approached the women with a standard script and a call for consent.

    In addition to the lack of randomisation, waitlisted participants expressed concern about the inequitable nature of the process. Although they felt that their allocation was unfair, they supported the study protocol. A few waitlisted participants expressed disappointment with the process, describing their frustration at being placed on a list for a year and a half. They also expressed concern about the trial’s design and the potential loss of motivation if they were unable to get into the active group.

    The study by Denis Mackenzie was partially funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC). Participants were not blinded to the allocation group.

    Denis Mackenzie’s Trials were not published in the medical literature

    The Australian Bushman trials were a series of controlled clinical trials that were conducted among Aboriginal Australians. However, the results of these studies were not published in the medical literature. This is a significant oversight because the trials involved Aboriginal Australians, and these studies were designed to investigate Aboriginal health issues.

    These trials were conducted in the 1970s in the Australian outback and were not published until recently. There are several reasons for this. First, funding agencies have to ensure that trials are implemented efficiently, with minimal disruption to routine services. Also, trial budgets are likely to be inflated, so funding agencies should consider the additional resource demands.

    Lessons learned from the Denis Mackenzie trial

    While the Australian Bushman trials are a painful reminder of the history of colonisation and dispossession, there is reason to be hopeful. The Mabo High Court decision legitimised Indigenous history, and is a key moment in the reconciliation process. It was the first time Australian law recognised Indigenous people’s continuing connection to and entitlement to the land.

    The lesson considers the role of the state in dealing with racism, highlighting the need for countering the practice by focusing on the history of racism in Australia. The lesson draws on the National Inquiry into Racist Violence (1991) and the Racial Discrimination Act (1975). Students are asked to consider ways to combat racism, and the lesson draws attention to resources on the Racism. No Way! website.

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    Caroline McDougall

    To achieve effective results with couples, specific post-graduate education in marriage, relationship or sexual counselling is required and very important. General counselling training just covers in most at most two units dealing with working with couples, however there are a few institutions that offer this course as part of their overall professional development. Most accredited programs have a minimum of three years of relevant experience in a relevant placement with a professional organization or agency, and may include specialized areas like family systems, parenting, trauma and couples counselling. It is also important for the therapist to have a strong understanding of human sexuality and a passion for helping people in need.

    The role of the therapist in couples therapy usually starts with the assessment of the couple and their relationship. After assessing the couples, the therapist will then carry out a detailed analysis of the issues affecting the couple, and recommend solutions based on the identified needs of the patients. This is usually carried out through the use of questionnaires and interviews where the therapists gain insight into the couple’s backgrounds, their sexual and emotional experiences and even their future plans for marriage and relationship counselling. Although these professionals have been trained in interpersonal communication skills and psychology, it is important that they are aware of the different sexual orientations as well as their own personal preferences.

    To become a qualified marriage counsellor or relationship counsellor you will need at least a diploma in a relevant area of this discipline, plus several years of relevant experience in this field. For the purpose of this accreditation the level 1 qualification is considered to be the minimum requirement, however some organizations require higher levels of education and training before they will consider you eligible to apply for this position. Some organizations require potential candidates to first complete an introductory course on marriage counselling, and to successfully complete a level 1 training program in relationship counselling. At the end of the program, potential candidates will be required to successfully complete a competency based assessment test (in some cases this may also be called a practicum or internship). Once all assessments are passed and courses are completed, a candidate can expect to be accepted into the program.


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    What are they saying about the new Toyota Camry 2021 sedan

    When it comes to the latest in automobiles, nothing comes close to the new Toyota Camry. If you look on the internet, you will find more than just a few websites that sell this model of vehicle. The vehicles that are being advertised for sale online are sold in huge quantities.

    The sales of this new model of sedan from Toyota dealers and online orders is so great that there is no way to keep up with the buyers. At one time, the Camry was considered to be one of the most popular sedans on the market. It was one of the best sellers when the models first came out.

    The sedans from GM are known as “new model of motor cars.” The top of the line sedans are the Cadillac ATS and Escalade. If you are looking for luxury and reliability, then you should look into the Toyota Camry. If you are looking for an excellent car with all the latest technology available, then this model is your best choice.

    Many people are still not sure about the new technology that is available on the new models of sedans. However, many consumers are sold on the comfort of the newer models and the most popular models offer everything that a buyer could want. This is not to say that the older models don’t have their place.

    You should also take a look at the new models of SUVs. The Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Tundra both are a big hit. If you have a roomy SUV and are looking for some sort of over the top cargo room, then the new models are a great option. However, if you are looking for just a little extra cargo space, then the smaller SUVs are perfect.

    If you are looking for the newest technology in a car, you should look at the Lexus and the Honda. The Honda has all the latest technology in its all new midsize sedan and the new models of the Lexus offer excellent technology. These two car brands offer the most advance technology available in the new models of the past decade.

    The newest models from these car manufacturers offer features that are just amazing. For example, the new Honda CR-V offers all the latest features including the all new hybrid feature. This provides some really great gas mileage and is a great car for anyone who wants to save money on gas. This SUV is just like no other on the road today.

    The Toyota Camry for 2021 is going to be a big hit – so watch out for deposit finance offers out there. This is the year that the manufacturer makes in their fourth redesign of the model. If you are looking for a new model of vehicle, the new Toyota Camry for 2020 is the model that you want to buy.

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    How to find the best floor cleaning equipment

    The Best Floor Cleaning Products Available

    Most companies can benefit in some way from using professional cleaning machinery and equipment; which is exactly why you should consider purchasing (or even hiring) the gear you need to keep your workplace spotless.

    Before you do though, it might be a wise idea to not only learn more about the types of equipment for different industries, but to also consider which brands are best and who to buy/hire from.

    Products you’re sure to want to consider

    Power sweepers

    Best ride-on sweepers:

    • PB180DK-4
    • PB200
    • PB180

    If you’re looking for quality floor sweepers that you can drive around the work place to clean floors, these are a few excellent options that you might want to investigate more closely. Most will find that these are often ideal for swiftly and efficiently cleaning a large premises.

    Best walk-behind sweepers:

    • PB55
    • PB70

    Typically, if you’re in the market for something more lightweight than the heavy duty machines mentioned, these smaller counterparts are considered to be perfect. They are often better suited for getting into smaller spaces and offer more flexibility while cleaning.

    Power scrubbers

    Best ride-on scrubbers:

    • XR
    • Magna
    • Magna Plus
    • CRZ

    If you want a powerful, industrial-grade floor scrubbing machine that will get the job done time and time again with ease, any one of the ride-on scrubbers mentioned above could be ideal for your requirements.

    Best walk-behind scrubbers:

    • Carbon
    • MXL
    • Recon
    • Hero

    Those who are hoping for a smaller and more manoeuvrable (yet no less efficient) power scrubber might want to look into using one of these machines for their business.

    Outdoor machinery

    Electric street sweepers and vacuums:

    • EcoSweep 2000
    • MaxWind
    • EcoVac 240

    These are all excellent choices for those that are searching for a reliable sidewalk cleaner; often saving plenty of time, effort and cash that would have gone into manual cleaning work. Electric street vacuums tend to be environmentally friendly litter collectors, where sweepers can be used to brush away dirt swiftly and efficiently.

    Work with a reputable company

    Regardless of what type of floor cleaner you need or which model is best, it can be important to make sure that you don’t hire from just any business. Taking the time to choose a trustworthy provider is vital for several reasons, including:

    • Quality customer service
    • The very best floor cleaning machine service
    • A wide range of industrial and commercial cleaning equipment
    • Competitive prices

    These are just a few of the reasons why choosing the right company can be important, so be sure that you’re buying or hiring from the best available.

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    Interview with a Water Filtration Specialist in The Manufacturing Sector in the light of Covid-19

    We asked specialists at Southland Filtration: What Water Filtration Systems and UV Sterilisation for Food Manufacturing Businesses are the industry standard in the times of Covid-19 health concerns?

    Water Filtration Systems for Food Manufacturing Businesses

    “With water often being a key element in the food and beverage industry, almost anyone with a business producing consumable products should take extra measures to ensure that the water they use is clean, safe and sanitary. Otherwise, they might have to deal with issues later on – from contaminated food, to damages to the plumbing equipment and water treatment equipment” he suggested.

    Our expert continued “Fortunately, there are a wide variety of excellent water filtration systems on the market that can allow you to keep your water supply pure. We have several great machines that could be perfect for you, as well as great services to ensure that you have the cleanest water possible.”

    What products should be considered?

    “We understand just how important pure and clean water can be to a food and beverage manufacturer – and because of this, we’re proud to say that we have products from a variety of trusted brands.” When pushed further he went on “No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure that we’ll be able to provide you with your ideal system. If you take a look at what we have to offer, you’ll see that we have products from Endotherm, Autofine and Hyderpro, as well as other well-known companies.”

    Talking about the products from Southland Filtration he was quoted as saying “Aside from a number of quality filtration systems, we also offer equipment and accessories too, giving our customers access to a broad range of products that could help them to not only have the perfect water purifier for their needs, but also to take care of repairs on their own if need be.

    Our fair and affordable prices are ideal for those who are working on a budget – or anyone who wants to save a little extra cash on their purchase.”

    More than just a list of products

    So what have we learned – to sum up:

    Most individuals will be glad to hear that this isn’t all that can be done for customers. Those who are unsure of what type of filtration system will be best for them won’t need to worry, as experts can assess your site and business needs to determine which device is ideal; taking into consideration the standards for clean water and any specialised requirements that customers may have.

    Southland Filtration pride themselves on their ability to deliver on time, as well as our commitment to making the process as smooth and simple as possible.

    They care about their customers and because of this, they also offer maintenance services, too. We can visit the site for regular check-ups, just to ensure that everything is working efficiently. If there do happen to be any problems, there’s no need to stress – their team of qualified and experienced professionals will be on hand to take care of any necessary replacements or repairs.

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    The Jason Sugarman Files – Sports, PR, Branding & Reputation Companies

    Jason Sugarman Outlines Advertising Opportunities within the Esports Ecosystem 

    Sports, Branding & Online Reputations

    The sports landscape of the world is evolving with the rise of esports changing the way we view games and interact with the players. Esports is now one of the fastest-growing sports groups in the world with the audience for games estimated to grow from around 380 million in 2018 to more than 550 million by 2021. Business leaders with companies of all sizes should be aware of the opportunities available to them when it comes to advertising opportunities and marketing plans based around the esports communities. The consistently growing audience and members of the online esports sector mean the return on investment for any sponsor or advertiser in the esports ecosystem is high and will only grow in the future.

    One of the main reasons for the success of esports in the last few years is the growing cult of personality based around the different players now leading the rise of esports around the world. From “Fortnite” legend Ninja to players streaming themselves live on Twitch, the need to know exactly who you are playing against is the most important aspect of being involved in esports for many. For advertisers, a link to an experienced, well-known esports player is a simple way of moving into the esports sector and attracting many fans of the individual player. In Russia, the Head & Shoulders brand has recently linked up with a popular esports star to make him the first non-traditional sportsperson or celebrity to represent the brand.

    Advertisers can link themselves to different players of games who they can sponsor in a similar way to the traditional sponsorship of celebrity players from around the world, helped by brand media and reputation companies in crafting the reputation and image they want. The difference between the traditional sportspeople of the past and the esports players of today is the fact there are two different options open to sponsors. A Streamer is an esports player who streams their gameplay live each day and has the ability to become an influencer partnering with various companies to broadcast information about various products to their followers on Twitch and other streaming services.

    The other option for an esports player is to find sponsors in the corporate sector who assist with helping the individual with their expenses as they join a team. Advertising opportunities are always available that will allow a player to move into a team that will usually join when they are around 16 or 17 and becomes a professional player. These individual team players are known around the world and can attract a large audience to the brand and products they are partnered with.

    One of the difficult aspects of the esports ecosystem in the U.S. is the rise of the sector in the academic arena. The changes in the sector are based on the fact the rise of esports in colleges and universities are subject to NCAA rules and regulations that can cause issues for sponsors and brands providing funding for individual players. An easier way of funding an esports team is to look for a professional team to provide funding for that will allow the sponsor the chance to work directly with an individual player who will use their influence to drive fans to the sponsoring brand.

    There are more ways to get involved in advertising with esports including through the sponsorship of a range of tournaments including the chance to gain a huge return on investment. The first step is to find a tournament that allows you the chance to provide sponsorship within your budget range, this should be easy as the range of esports competitions is growing around the world. Whether you choose to sponsor a tournament at the local level or at a more advanced level you can spend your time sponsoring an event broadcast live across the world you should see a boost in sales. In general, the sponsor of an event can look to see a return of around five percent among those attending the event purchasing products or services. If the initial investment is a major one, a business could see a return in the millions of dollars if the event is broadcast around the world. Streaming live means even more viewers are available to identify the sponsorship and increase the return on investment any business will experience.

    Choosing to become the sponsor of an esports event is not something that should be done without an initial batch of research being completed. The initial research into the average viewer of an esports event streamed online shows the majority are male at more than 70 percent. The average household income of the average esports fan in the U.S. pushed north of $75,000 and is college-educated. These are all factors that need to be taken into account by any business looking to become a key sponsor of any portion of the esports sector.

    The success of event sponsorship is one option within the esports ecosystem but for others, the price of these deals is far too high to pay. In the event that a business has been priced out of the sponsorship of an event, there is the chance to look at banner sponsorship within the streaming platforms that have become popular over the last few years. These streaming platforms can attract viewers for each streamer from the tens to the thousands and millions. When the “Fortnite” player, Ninja played alongside the rapper Drake, the event was streamed via various platforms and added to the popularity of both the player and musician.

    There are many ways for you to raise your online profile alongside the need to develop advertising opportunities which can include the use of event partnerships that are basically enlarged forms of product placement. An event partnership is especially important for those who are involved directly in the production of products and services that can be used directly by gamers and streamers. If the event partnership proves to be a success further partnerships can be formed in a similar fashion with streamers. The fact the majority of teenage YouTube users state they identify more closely with video uploaders than with traditional celebrities explains why linking up with streamers is such an important aspect of modern advertising.

    Follow Jason on Twitter https://twitter.com/jasonasugarman?lang=en

    Reputation Branding Interview
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    Hazardous oil fire and chemical spill in the Gulf – what does it mean for the environment.

    Interview with Denis Mackenzie

    What Could the Landscape Look Like After the Saudi Oil Fire?

    After the recent Saudi Arabian oil fire – an event affecting the largest oil refinery in the world – it’s understandable that many people in and around the region are concerned.

    From the increase to fuel costs, through to the lasting effect on the environment; just how big a toll are experts predicting this fire to take and how drastic will the consequences be?

    What you need to know

    Being attacked by drones and with an investigation still ongoing, people are becoming increasingly concerned with how the fire may affect the landscape of the region, as well as how fuel price rises may be imminent.

    The landscape

    With fire having burnt through a minimal amount of land thanks to the rapid action of the Saudis having quelled the spread within a matter of hours – the environment may seem to boast nothing more than a few new scars.

    The harsh reality is that thousands of tons of chemical gas were released into the atmosphere as a result of the fumes and experts are still attempting to calculate just how many toxins may now be entering the earth’s upper atmosphere requiring a huge spill management and containment strategy.

    Locally, the smoke, tar and ash left behind in the fire’s wake has already taken a toll on the fauna and flora. With 17 direct hits in the region from drone strikes, the immediate area isn’t expected to recover for at least 15 years – and this is at the lower end of the estimate.

    The further environment

    The wind was blowing in a South-Eastern direction; spreading from Riyadh to Abqaiq, and then on for miles across the Gulf and to the shores on the other side of the ocean. Although nowhere near as toxic as the effect on the immediate area, the ash that fell into the ocean has been expected to take a negative toll on aquatic life and smoke drifting across the land is anticipated to poison a number of susceptible flora species.

    The cost of fuel

    Boasting the world’s largest oil refinery, Riyadh has had no choice but to limit supplies as they work on repairs. As a result, many regions throughout the world including Europe, parts of Asia and even further afield have seen an instant increase to oil prices. Other parts of the globe, such as the United States, have their own oil stash buried deep below ground; seemingly to avoid events such as this one.

    Those that the U.S. supplies should remain in good stock for their fuel requirements, but the rest of the world is certainly reeling from this man-made disaster. How long it will take to re-accumulate the incredible volumes of oil remains to be seen, but what is for certain is that due to the size of the fire, the surrounding regions may well see a shift in their climate with fewer flora and fauna species and farmland being impacted.

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    Interview with a men’s jeweller

    Making a Man’s Jewellery That Extra Bit Special

    Men’s jewellery is often as wide and varied these days as women’s; in fact, with a surge in new trends, celebrity style and new fashions, there’s never been a more versatile time than 2019 for males to showcase their favourite accessories. From wedding rings for men, right through to earrings, neck chains and bracelets; there’s a huge range to choose from. As a result, one thing that more and more men (and their loved ones) are aspiring to do is to make the jewellery a little more special.

    How’s best to do this?

    There are a number of ways to purchase an item of jewellery that differs from others on the market and some of these options include:

    • Having the jewellery customised with an engraving or with a unique stone
    • Employing a jeweller that uses traditional crafting techniques instead of modern ones
    • Going for a hand-forged piece, with the precious metal smelted in a forge or furnace
    • Modifying an existing piece, such as a family heirloom to introduce a new aesthetic

    The options available are as wide as they are varied, so creating a custom piece that a man will cherish for his entire life can be much easier now than it ever was before.

    Customised jewellery

    If the male in question has a particular gemstone that he’s a fan of, or a specific type of metal – custom pieces could well be the way to go. They are ideal for events such as weddings, but can also be worn around the home and on a day to day basis. Most good jewellers will be happy to work with their clients to create iconic, exclusive designs to suit specific tastes as well, so don’t be afraid to ask.

    Traditional jewellery

    These days, many jewellers use machines to assist with the design and creation processes. Although this is widely accepted, some people prefer to keep their items more traditional – especially when it comes to a man’s jewellery and accessories. Some jewellers will smelt their precious metals (such as when using gold, silver and platinum), whereas others may forge the shape (like when creating steel, iron, or other carbon-based metals).

    Tailoring an heirloom

    When a ring has been in a family for decades and sometimes even longer, it might not be ideal to have them modified to reflect newer demands and preferences. But if the item is in need of repair or a general update to its appearance, what better time is there to incorporate a new style? The current owner might want to switch gems, add a new one, or even coat the metal to create a more luxurious finish. Fortunately, most professional jewellers will be able to advise on this front – and if you really couldn’t bear changing the appearance, purchasing a brand new piece from them may be a more ideal solution.

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    Unique Residence home renovations – an interview

    What to Look For in Home Construction Companies

    According to Unique Residence “Commercial construction companies, like residential home builders, specialise in the development of new buildings, but their specialty is in developing malls and other premises that are being built in the commercial sector. Where residential home construction will typically feature a standard set of functions, commercial properties are developed to serve alternate purposes.”

    As a result, they can be as small as a single office, or as large as a huge block. There are three main types of construction that fall into the commercial category. Further information on each type can be found below.

    Retail construction and home renovations

    This type of development relates to the construction of shops, stores and any other building intended for the displaying, stocking, or trading of goods and services. Clothing stores fall into this category, as do electrical shops and even gardening centres. Depending on the size and budget of the project, the expansiveness of the building will vary.

    A good construction company will take care of the entire project from design to completion, but in cases of demolition they will also take care of this planning, too. As expected, smaller buildings may take less time to be built, with larger ones taking longer. It’s also possible to implement toilets, pipes, electronic outlets and more during the construction phase; making most retail buildings as functional as modern homes in many instances.

    Business construction

    Single offices, office blocks and depots are just a few of the buildings that can be built by a team of contractors. These types of premises will share many of the same features and functions as retail buildings, but it’s not uncommon for them to offer even more functionality – as they will typically be intended for use by staff, employees and employers.

    As long as planning permission has been granted, it’s entirely possible for a developer to invest in a commercial construction company in order to create huge office blocks to be rented by individual businesses. In fact, this is one of the most common services requested of building agencies and the services themselves are responsible for just over 15% of Australia’s construction industry projects.

    Multi-functional premises

    Some buildings simply need to be functional in general, to allow them to be versatile and effective – no matter their utilisation. These types of properties can act as offices, stores, call centres and anything in between. As long as the contractor understands the intention of the building, they can be sure to implement all modern amenities and functions to ensure complete operation once the building has been completed.

    These three building types may seem fairly simple, but each will possess its own unique attributes and features. Choosing the right one for its intended use can spell the difference between an effective property and one that needs modification in order to cater to its users’ requirements. In all instances, the property should be safe, secure and built using the latest earthquake-resistant techniques – and this is something that most commercial contractors will prioritise above all else.

    More at: https://sites.google.com/view/uniquehomerenovations/

    Watch the video on luxury home construction in 2019

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    Interviews with a Landscaping Designer

    How to Get Started with Landscape Design

    When you want to update your outdoor space, there’s often no better way to really get the garden you want than with landscaping. While the entire process of planning and cultivating a perfect space may prove to be difficult without the help of an expert landscape gardener/architect, incorporating the right kind of design doesn’t have to be too difficult.

    What to do before you hire a professional landscaping expert

    It’s no secret that the installation and overall finish of your design may benefit from being handled by a professional (or professionals), but getting the absolute best from your space can be defined by your personal needs. This is why it can be a good idea to determine exactly what you want before you hire help.

    It may be worthwhile to first consider the following factors:

    • If you are hoping to regularly entertain guests
    • If you want a calming space to relax
    • If children or pets will be using the garden
    • How much you want to maintain plants and features
    • If you want to create a space that fits the local landscape
    • If you want a multifunctional space
    • If you want style over function

    Once you have these things in mind, a professional should be able to help you to realise your ambitions – and advise you in areas where certain elements may not be possible (i.e. if the soil or conditions of your garden won’t cater to specific plants).

    Choosing the right design for your landscaping

    As with décor and architecture, there are a range of styles that can characterise the overall look and feel of your garden (as well as impact it’s performance), so it may be a good idea to specify your chosen design before beginning the planning phase of your landscape project.

    Naturally designed gardens are often created to establish a simpler, more organic space that needs little to no maintenance (or even chemical intervention) to flourish. Homeowners may want to blend their garden into the surrounding scenery for a more native feel.

    On the other side of the coin, manicured gardens typically function in the opposite way. Often defined by strict guidelines (think symmetrical patterns and beautifully trimmed greenery), cultivated spaces tend to offer a more uniform, high-maintenance space.

    Some homeowners like to incorporate cultural design elements into their spaces to maximise the look or functionality to suit their needs. For example, a typical English garden may feature shrubbery and perennials, as well as stone features like statues and bird baths. These types of gardens can be medium in maintenance and can vary in functionality to suit. Oriental styles tend to be more relaxed in feel and feature more installations than plant-life (such as water features and rock formations) and tropical styles generally integrate drought-resistant plants and gravel for a stylish yet easy to maintain aesthetic.