Interview with a Water Filtration Specialist in The Manufacturing Sector in the light of Covid-19

We asked specialists at Southland Filtration: What Water Filtration Systems and UV Sterilisation for Food Manufacturing Businesses are the industry standard in the times of Covid-19 health concerns?

Water Filtration Systems for Food Manufacturing Businesses

“With water often being a key element in the food and beverage industry, almost anyone with a business producing consumable products should take extra measures to ensure that the water they use is clean, safe and sanitary. Otherwise, they might have to deal with issues later on – from contaminated food, to damages to the plumbing equipment and water treatment equipment” he suggested.

Our expert continued “Fortunately, there are a wide variety of excellent water filtration systems on the market that can allow you to keep your water supply pure. We have several great machines that could be perfect for you, as well as great services to ensure that you have the cleanest water possible.”

What products should be considered?

“We understand just how important pure and clean water can be to a food and beverage manufacturer – and because of this, we’re proud to say that we have products from a variety of trusted brands.” When pushed further he went on “No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure that we’ll be able to provide you with your ideal system. If you take a look at what we have to offer, you’ll see that we have products from Endotherm, Autofine and Hyderpro, as well as other well-known companies.”

Talking about the products from Southland Filtration he was quoted as saying “Aside from a number of quality filtration systems, we also offer equipment and accessories too, giving our customers access to a broad range of products that could help them to not only have the perfect water purifier for their needs, but also to take care of repairs on their own if need be.

Our fair and affordable prices are ideal for those who are working on a budget – or anyone who wants to save a little extra cash on their purchase.”

More than just a list of products

So what have we learned – to sum up:

Most individuals will be glad to hear that this isn’t all that can be done for customers. Those who are unsure of what type of filtration system will be best for them won’t need to worry, as experts can assess your site and business needs to determine which device is ideal; taking into consideration the standards for clean water and any specialised requirements that customers may have.

Southland Filtration pride themselves on their ability to deliver on time, as well as our commitment to making the process as smooth and simple as possible.

They care about their customers and because of this, they also offer maintenance services, too. We can visit the site for regular check-ups, just to ensure that everything is working efficiently. If there do happen to be any problems, there’s no need to stress – their team of qualified and experienced professionals will be on hand to take care of any necessary replacements or repairs.